Are you considering a career as a wedding planner?

Are you considering a career as a wedding planner? AACWP is the one of the premier organizations for training and certifying professional planners. Brides and vendors in the industry look for professional planners, and they know the first thing to ensure competency is training and certification. There are many programs, but only AACWP offers you an excellent curriculum, a mentor experience, continuing education, and fellowship with other professional planners. Here’s how it works:

AACWP has three designations for its members: Trained Wedding Planner, Certified Wedding Planner and Certified Master Wedding Planner. To get started towards these designations, prospective members begin by completing either AACWP’s training courses or another AACWP Board recognized wedding planner training course. This is the first step towards a successful career as a professional planner.


Training Course

AACWP’s training courses provide in depth training and information combined from the experience of professional planners. Guest speakers are chosen from among the top industry vendors. The course materials are reviewed continually and updated to assure the attendees receive the most current information on wedding planning, how to build a business and trends in the industry.

Payment for the complete course includes:

  • Continental Breakfast, Lunch and Snack each day
  • Training Materials to include Course Binder, Handouts and Exercises
  • Examination after each course


There are five steps to Course Completion – four days of class instruction, and a homework assignment completed by the student following the course.

Course One: Our instructors will explore the role of today’s planner, defining the skills you will need and discussing the level of services offered by professional planners.  You will learn how to interview potential clients and what role your certification and even your confidence level plays in the sales process.

With Course Two, you will learn that having a database of truly talented and trusted vendors is the biggest resource a planner can have, and we will show you how to carefully choose your vendors and build a contact list. You will learn about common wedding day emergencies and how to prepare yourself and build your own emergency kit. We will also talk about the hard lessons learned as a wedding planner.  Lastly, we will guide you through the process of planning beginning with the first phone call to building a budget and wedding planning timeline to composing the dream team of vendors for your client.

Course Three, we will walk you through the fundamentals of starting your own business, discuss marketing, promoting your services and how to price your services.  We will discuss essential social etiquette rules and trends for you to know how to advise your clients on sticky matters.  Lastly, we will review religious and cultural ceremony traditions that impact the ceremony, along with basic ceremony structures.

Finally, during Course Four, our instructors will walk you through the rehearsal and how to direct your clients and their loved ones through the moments you have worked so hard with them to plan. We will also talk about reception coordination and how to make it all a flawless team effort.

To receive a certificate of completion, you must attend each course, pass the examination at the end of each day and complete and pass the assigned homework.   Upon course completion, you will receive a course completion certificate.  You are then eligible to apply for membership as a Trained Wedding Planner (TWP) with AACWP.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does AACWP offer an online course?
Our courses are meant to be interactive and focused on the individuals attending the course so we can truly train each one and address their needs.  Because of this, we do not offer an online option.

2. Can you recommend a course in my area?
We do not have a list of courses taught by other organizations or listed by area.  We encourage you to reach out to your local industry organizations if you prefer local training opportunities.

3. Does this course apply to my area?
Yes!  AACWP developed these courses using general information that applies to most weddings in the United States.  We do not focus on a geographic area other than we invite local vendors as guest speakers to the courses.

4. Do you allow international students?
Yes, however we do not offer certification to international students as this requires a membership.  Membership is only available to those in the United States.

5. Will I be certified after taking the course?
After the course, if you complete all requirements, you will receive a Certificate of Completion.  To become a Certified Wedding Planner, you must become a member of AACWP and complete the requirements listed here.

6. How long is the course?
Each course day is from 8:30am to approximately 5:30pm.

7. When and where will the next course be?
Our courses are held in February and August each year.  The February courses are traditionally held in Grapevine, Texas, and the August course is held in Austin, Texas.  Typically, dates are announced and registration is opened four months prior to courses. The best way to learn about future courses is to sign up to receive our emails on our Home page (lower right corner).

8. Who can I contact with more questions?
Please contact our Vice President with questions about our courses at





  • Each course day is $375. An advance registration rate of $325 per course will be available to students who register and submit payment prior to the deadline stated on the application.
  • All registrations received after the stated registration date deadline, will incur a $100 additional processing fee.
  • Once your application and payment are received, we will contact you to verify your information and send notices as needed for the training course. 
  • For additional information~ 
    Wendy Kidd  214.542.1317, ext. 1 or Micki Novak  972.839.5115 

 Our next training session will be held
February 9-12, 2015 in Grapevine, TX.  
*The waiting list is FULL for the February Course* 

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