• Lakewood Country Club
    6430 Gaston Avenue
    Dallas, TX 75214

    Thank you for your interest in enrolling in the American Association of Certified Wedding Planner Training Courses. PLEASE NOTE: Only completed applications submitted with payment will be processed.

    • Course 1 - Monday, "Defining Today's Wedding Planner, The Client Interview, and All About Cake"
    • Course 2 - Tuesday, "The Basics of Planning, Choosing Vendors, Handling Emergencies, and Design"
    • Course 3 - Wednesday - "Business Fundamentals, Business Plan, Pricing, and Ceremony Planning"
    • Course 4 - Thursday, "Planning and Directing the Wedding Reception"
  • An advance registration rate of $350 per course will be available to students who register and submit payment prior to 11:59 pm on January 31, 2018. Registrations received between February 1 - February 19, 2018 will pay the regular course rates of $400 per day. We are unable to accept registrations beyond February 19.

  • **If you are currently a Wedding Planner, please answer these additional questions:

  • Once you submit your application, you will be directed to a payment page to select your training courses and pay for them. You may use PayPal or pay with a credit card as a guest.
  • PLEASE NOTE - Payment is required at the time of your application. If payment is not received with your application, your application will not be processed. No notification will be given for applications without payment, and your name will not be added to our student roster. If you do not receive a receipt for your payment, please notify us immediately.