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Application for Membership

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    If you received your training from another program other than AACWP, please upload your Certificate of Completion and Syllabus.
  • As a member of AACWP it is my duty to:

    • Commit to personal conduct, professional behaviors and business practices that are ethical and legal.
    • Be truthful in all advertising.
    • Be honest with prospective clients about previous wedding experiences. Also, be accurate and document the expected fees and services to be rendered in a written agreement.
    • Commit to continuing education and sharing of ideas among AACWP members.
    • Avoid making false statements about other AACWP members or other wedding professionals.
    • Decline income from vendors that would influence vendor recommendations to clients. Instead, all endorsements will be based on the best interest of the client.
    • Work in a respectful manner with other wedding professionals, while providing leadership to the wedding team and advocacy for the client.
    • Avoid making false statements about other AACWP members or other wedding professionals.


    As a member of AACWP, I must maintain the following requirements annually to remaining a member in good standing,

    • Timely payment of AACWP Membership Dues
    • Attend 4 membership meetings and/or 4 hours of continuing education
    • Adhere to the AACWP Code of Ethics

    The Applicant confirms that the information provided in this application is accurate and they wish to become a member of AACWP and will abide by the rules and code of ethics of this organization and maintain membership requirements.

  • Your application will be submitted to the AACWP Board of Directors for approval. Once approved, you will receive an invoice for current membership dues for the year. Please allow up to 30 days for processing.

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