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Training Course Director for AACWP
Hourly Paid Position
Flexible workday hours

WHEN:  As soon as possible



  • Must be well versed in Microsoft Office and have an aptitude to learn other software tools
  • Must have transportation
  • Must be comfortable with public speaking
  • Must have excellent communication, follow-up and promotional skills



The Training Course Director will report directly to the Vice President and is responsible for management of AACWP training courses.  The courses are not expected to exceed five each year including on-line and onsite formats.  The expected number of students is expected to be 80 to 100 students annually. The position includes duties such as:


  • Recruit students through registration on via email or phone
  • Prepare course materials for students
    • Have material printed and assembled
  • Manage course communication
    • Work with Executive Director to update AACWP website with course information, rates and updates as deadlines pass
    • Work with Executive Director on email and social media communication and promotion of courses
    • Handle all communication including confirming student registration and sending venue information
    • Send follow-up surveys to instructors and students after completing each course
  • Manage course instructors, facilitators, students, and the venue before, during and after the courses
    • Recruit, select and schedule a facilitator, instructors and vendors for each course
    • Meet with the facilitator to pass along information and supplies
    • Arrange instructor summits for each course for training/refreshers for all instructors
    • Monitor each course to aid in venue management as well as reviewing course facilitator and instructors to safeguard course quality
    • Follow through with the facilitator to be certain all quizzes and homework have been graded
    • Send certificates to students who have successfully passed the course
    • Review any necessary feedback with instructors and the facilitator
  • Other duties as assigned.


The AACWP Board of Directors has allocated up to but not more than 100 hrs. on a monthly basis for this position. Resumes may be sent to Marsha French,