Planning a memorable wedding event can be a full-time job itself, especially when you consider the learning curve of understanding how to even begin planning such a production. If you needed expert advice in an area you didn’t have experience in (legal, real estate, medical, technical, etc.), wouldn’t you go to a professional that was formally trained and has experience in the field? Of course you would!


A wedding is an important and costly milestone, and you probably do not want to leave your special day to chance. Certified Wedding Planners can provide key services such as recommending vendors, review, reviewing contracts, budget management, and directing rehearsals and coordinating all of the details on the all-important day. When you hire a professional wedding planner, you have an expert on your side to help you plan your big day.

Vendi Awards 2016
AACWP introduced a new Hall of Fame award at this year’s event at the Southlake Hilton.
Vendi Awards 2015
The 8th annual Vendi Awards event was a glittering white and gold event held at the Four Seasons Resort & Club.
Vendi Awards 2014

The 7th annual Vendi Awards event (previously My Favorite Vendor) was hosted by f.i.g.

All That Jazz

A "Roaring Twenties" themed AACWP event held at the Hall of State.

My Favorite Vendor 2013
The 6th Annual My Favorite Vendor Awards were hosted at the new Perot Museum in Dallas, TX.
2012 Guest Speaker: Michael Nolte

May 15, 2012 - "10 ways to keep the wedding AMAZING."

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