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AACWP Online Virtual Course

Welcome Virtual Students!

AACWP is excited to embark on a new adventure in technology.  We are now able to offer our students the opportunity to attend our courses online as a virtual student.  We hope this option is the perfect combination of accessibility, convenience and most importantly, student and instructor connection, for those who cannot attend our courses in person.

Our courses will be offered daily with the support of WebEx, an online software designed specifically for training and education purposes.  When you log in each day you will experience what each “in house” student experiences; instructor interaction, student interaction, PowerPoint slides, course materials (provided digitally) and breakout sessions. Our ultimate goal is that you feel just as connected online as you would in person.

There are requirements as an online participant that must be adhered to in order to successfully complete the courses and receive a certificate of completion.  They are as follows:

  • Virtual Students are required to log in 15 minutes before class is scheduled to begin to verify all in attendance and address any questions regarding digital resources or resolve any log in issues.
  • Virtual Students' video must be turned on and kept on during each course day. This will be monitored to make sure you are participating and present. Time when you are not visible will count as time not attending the course.
  • Virtual Students will be given a log-in to access our online exam given at the end of each day. Each exam must be completed within an hour of course completion each day.  Late exam completions will receive deductions.
  • Students must access course materials before each day begins to prepare for the course and verify access to all items needed.

AACWP wants this experience to be successful for all those involved. To prepare for the course, we require you join us for a “WebEx Tutorial,” held a few days before the course. This will give us the opportunity to navigate WebEx together and learn about the important features. This session will be 30-45 minutes in length, allowing participants the time to learn how to interact using WebEx and verify all features work using their equipment.

Please check the current application form for the date and time of the WebEx Tutorial.

We have added below a few helpful links for WebEx users and system compatibilities.  It is important that you check your device compatibility as AACWP is only responsible for the broadcast of the course.


Important Links:

System Compatibility:



Looking forward to connecting with you!

Sarah Robison
AACWP Training Course Director