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Any applicant who has completed
an approved course of study
whose primary focus within the wedding industry is wedding planning
may apply for membership.


Annual Membership Dues $195

For more information about Membership Levels:

Do you have employees or colleagues who want to become members of AACWP, but for whatever reason, don’t want to go through a training course? They might be perfect candidates for AACWP’s Associate Membership!

As a member of Dallas/Fort Worth’s premier organization for professional wedding planners, you will enjoy benefits such as:

Connect with Expert Wedding Planners

AACWP Wedding Planners have gone through rigorous training, are required to adhere to our code of ethics, and to attend continuing education programs on an annual basis.

Unlock the Industry’s Best Resources

AACWP Wedding Planners have an extended network of venue, catering, and hotel coordinators, as well as unlimited sourcing for trusted wedding industry vendors.

Get a Searchable Public Profile

Our Hire A Planner section will allow prospective clients to search for a planner who specializes in their individual requirements. Women empowering women.

Polish Your Skills with AACWP Training

The top wedding professionals in North Texas teach you how to set up your wedding planning business for long-term success, and AACWP’s three tiers of certification help you gain an edge in our competitive market.

Take it to the Next Level

We help planners take their business to the next level by pulling back the curtain of what other planners and business owners do and help you figure out your next steps in growing and building your business.

Community of Women Empowering Women

Personal and professional development through meaningful connections and heartfelt conversations.

Become an Insider in the Industry

Becoming a member of one of the prestigious organizations in the industry and enjoy the backing of this organization, as well as access to insider information through our community of members.

Open Doors

Enjoy the benefits of working with those who prefer AACWP professionals and to other AACWP members with different positions in the industry.

Annual Membership Dues $195


To apply to become a member of AACWP, go to the Application for Membership.

To apply to become an Associate Member of AACWP, go to the Application for Associate Membership.

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