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Are you considering a career as a wedding planner? AACWP has several options!

If you’re not quite sure this is the direction you want to take...

AACWP offers training for Wedding Assistants

If you’ve decided wedding planning is for you and you love a classroom atmosphere...

AACWP in-house training is held annually in July

If you don’t want to wait until July and prefer online training...

The Online session is held in February - watch our home page for exact dates!

If you would like to learn on your own time...

AACWP offers a self-led course

AACWP Training Offerings In-House
Group Online
Curriculum updated annually
Example reference materials – contracts, etc.
PowerPoint presentations to walk students through material
Quizzes and activities to practice concepts – pricing, etc.
Live presentations from experienced planners and vendors including Q&A No No
Classroom atmosphere with live instruction and Q&A No No
Headshots taken by a professional photographer No No
Membership in AACWP as a Trained Wedding Planner (one year) No
Recorded presentations from experienced planners and vendors No
Ability to take the course and complete the homework on your schedule Homework due 2 weeks after course Course access and homework due in six weeks Course access for 4 months, homework due in 6 months

Very interested but not quite sure about a wedding planning career? Try our Wedding Assistant Workshop Webinar! Live webinars are held in February and September - watch our home page for exact dates!