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Vendor Membership Eligibility

It is our great pleasure after 16 years to offer a Vendor Membership in AACWP. It is also our hope that with this new membership category, we will be able to establish even greater working relationships with a mutual understanding and respect for each other’s position in the wedding planning process for our clients. AACWP is thrilled to see your interest in becoming a member of one of the most dynamic wedding groups in the nation!

“Any individual or wedding business entity with a focus on wedding planning may apply for membership. At its sole discretion, AACWP may deny membership, except it will not deny membership based on race, color, religion, national origin or ancestry, age, sex, sexual preference, marital status or handicap.”

AACWP will have sole discretion to accept or remove a Vendor Member.

AACWP Vendor Member Eligibility:

  • Applicant has current proof of Liability Insurance
  • Submit one recommendation from an AACWP member who has worked with the vendor at an event.
  • Applicant will abide by the AACWP Code of Ethics.
  • Must pay annual membership fees as stated below.

Fee Structure:

Annual Fee Number of Members
$300 Single Membership
$255 per Member Up to 3 Members
$240 per Member Up to 5 Members
$225 per Member 6 or more Members


  1. There shall be a company representative. This person will be listed as the contact on the AACWP Website.  It is the company’s responsibility to notify AACWP of any change in representation.  The owner of the company is responsible for the membership.
  2. Members in the same company will be listed under one company name.
  3. The representative or owner must complete an application for approval.
  4. The Vendor Member must submit:
    a. proof of insurance
    b. letter of recommendation from one AACWP member.

Vendor Code of Ethics:

  • Commit to personal conduct, professional behaviors and business practices that are ethical and legal.
  • Be truthful in all advertising.
  • Be honest with prospective clients about previous wedding experiences and certification. Also, be accurate and document the expected fees and services to be rendered in a written agreement.
  • Commit to sharing ideas among AACWP members.
  • Avoid making false statements about other AACWP members or other wedding professionals.
  • Work in a respectful manner with other wedding professionals, while providing leadership to the wedding team and advocacy for the client.
  • Will not market the company or any individual as being a wedding planner or being certified as such.
  • Will refrain from speaking poorly of AACWP or any of its other vendor members.

Please allow up to 30 days for processing your application.