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Associate Membership

Do you have employees or colleagues who want to become members of AACWP, but for whatever reason, don't want to go through a training course?

The Associate Membership is intended for an individual who currently works for a wedding planning company where at least one employee is a member of AACWP (in good standing). The Associate Membership level is a way for an individual to join AACWP without having to complete a wedding certification course.


Associate members will be eligible to attend all of the AACWP educational meetings throughout the year including the bi-monthly continuing education meetings, EDUCATE and Celebrate.

There will be no certification title that goes along with this membership level, but Associate Members are eligible at any time to take the AACWP certification course in order to advance to TWP or CWP membership status.

Eligibility Requirements

Individuals seeking to join at the Associate Membership level must meet the following criteria:

  • Individual must currently work for a wedding planner or wedding planning company
  • Individual must obtain an AACWP member sponsor
    • The sponsoring member must be a current member of AACWP, in good standing for at least one year, who works at the same wedding planning company as the associate member.
    • The sponsoring member and associate member must work for the same wedding planner or wedding planning company.
      • If the sponsoring member's status changes, the associate member's membership will be revoked.
      • If the associate member leaves the employ of the sponsoring member (or the company they work for), the membership will be revoked.
  • Associate members will need to fulfill the same requirements as other membership levels through the year to stay in good standing, including:
    • Fulfillment of four continuing education credit hours
    • On-time payment of yearly dues


The Associate Membership dues will be the same as all other membership levels - $195 per year. Dues are pro-rated beginning June 1, at which time the cost is $100 for the remainder of the year.