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Eligibility for Certified Wedding Planner (CWP) Certification

An applicant for Certified Wedding Planner status must first meet all criteria of Trained Wedding Planner listed below.


Becoming a Trained Wedding Planner

• Applicant has successfully completed an approved course of study for wedding planners

• Main focus is wedding planning

• Has been in business for a minimum of one year

• Can show proof of liability insurance

• Has completed membership application including stated approval of the AACWP Code of Ethics

• Payment of AACWP membership fees


Becoming a Certified Wedding Planner

CWP status may be granted to independent wedding planners, catering managers or church coordinators as long as the applicant can fully meet the following criteria:

1. Proof of full-service wedding planning of three (3) recent weddings within the past 18-month period. Provide copies of a signed agreement between the planner and the bride for each wedding, a wedding planning calendar or timeline for each wedding, a budget for each wedding, and verification of planning meetings with at least two vendors for each bride.

2. If the applicant is a current TWP member and took the AACWP training course, he or she must have completed two favorable mentorships with current CWP’s or CMWP’s on the mentor list of AACWP. The evaluation forms should be included from both mentorships.

3. Supply copies of the following:

a. Two letters of referrals or appreciation notes from Brides whose weddings were within the last twelve (12) months.

b. Tax ID number

c. Proof of current general liability insurance

d. Evidence of advertising, including a copy of such

e. Evidence of an account established with two national suppliers

4. AACWP application processing fee ~ $50 ~ Applicant will be invoiced upon receipt of materials.

5. Experienced planners: If the planner can show proof of wedding planning for five years and meet the requirements of CWP,  the wedding planner will be granted the designation of CWP.