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November Meeting – Tenting 101 Re-cap!

We were so happy to have such a great turnout of members and guests at our November 14th meeting!  With over 70 in attendance, we had a full house!  M&M Event Rentals provided an amazing tent as our venue, including all their fabulous rentals from lounge furniture to linens.  They took it a step further by designing all the decor, including providing the fresh floral centerpieces and frames that each represented a season with their themes at the front of the tent.

The highlight of course was the thorough education on every detail there is about tents!  Beth Berk, Jennifer Cole and their team walked us through all the little and big things, such as:

  • Types of tents
  • Flooring for tents
  • Fabric for your tent
  • How tents are secured
  • Permits and safety
  • Decor and other important items
  • CAD drawings
  • Power and climate control

While we enjoyed the amazing menu provided by Gil's Elegant Catering, we discussed the benefits of being a member of AACWP through reviewing some of the amazing feedback quotes provided by our members.  Here are the winners of those quotes:

The favorite answer from our question "What made you want to be a part of AACWP?":

I know from experience that professional wedding planning is difficult and that wedding planning should be recognized as a  profession, not just a hobby. I believe AACWP is the vehicle to help raise the standard of wedding planning and the awareness that a certified planner really is the better option and that a certified planner should be compensated fairly. – Marsha Ballard French

The favorite answer from our question "What do you love about being a member of AACWP?":

I enjoy meeting other like-minded wedding professionals, as well as the quality of the continuing education material. I appreciate the camaraderie with other planners and like our "sharing" environment. The Facebook page where we can all candidly ask and answer questions is very valuable and makes us all better. - Laura DeBow

And finally, the favorite answer from our question "Why do you think others should become a member of AACWP?":

By creating an educated, dedicated group of wedding planners in the area, AACWP continually raises the bar on what it means to be a good or a great wedding planner.  The more amazing members we have, the higher that bar becomes and the better the quality of weddings becomes across the board in DFW! - Brooke Millis

Thank you to all of the guests that attended, we hope you'll join us as members soon!  (To apply, please visit  And thank you to all our members for giving us such great feedback on these questions.  We truly enjoyed reading through all of your answers!

Our vendor sponsors did an amazing job as well:

M&M Event Rentals

Gil's Elegant Catering

Paper Planet

Harmland Visions

Abbie Mae Photography

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AACWP is a non-profit association primarily focusing on the education of wedding planners. Our leadership consists of current members providing support, resources, and networking for wedding planners, as well as professional development, certification, and continuing education.

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